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9 May, 2017
[Tokyo]The 5th anniversary of the opening: PICASSO, his Work and Life.  May 20 (Sat) – June 25 (Sun), 2017
"Tête d'homme" was featured on Nichiyo-Bijutsukan (Nichibi) !
"Tête d'homme" by Pablo Picasso was featured on TV program Nichiyo-Bijutsukan "Picass... >>View more
17 Apr, 2017
[Fukuoka]Yasunobu TSUTSUMI Solo Exhibition May 13 (Sat.) – May 28 (Sun.)
Swimming birds and flying fish…what I paint is the topsy-turvy world where the reality is reversed. When you look at those painted world and the rea... >>View more
10 Apr, 2017
[Tokyo]Takahide KOMATSU Solo Exhibition [Satoyama] April 15 (Sat.) – April 30 (Sun.), 2017
We invite you to the solo exhibition at our Denenchofu gallery by Takahide Komatsu, who was well received at Art Fair Tokyo 2017.
The artist has real... >>View more
29 Mar, 2017
[Fukuoka Gallery] Reopening Exhibition after Renovation: PICASSO, his Work and Life. April 1 (Sat) – May 7 (Sun),2017
*The exhibition has been extended due to popular demand.

[TV Broadcasting Info]
"Tête d'homme" by Pablo Picasso, which is currently on view, was ... >>View more
13 Mar, 2017
ART FAIR TOKYO 2017 Takahide KOMATSU Solo Exhibition March 17(Fri.)-March 19(Sun.).,2017
*This exhibition is a pay event. Please visit artfairtokyo.com for more ticket information.

Private Preview (Invited guests only)
Thursday, March ... >>View more
22 Feb, 2017
[Fukuoka]Ryo Hirano Exhibition - the 25th Year Memorial March 4 (Sat.) – March 20 (Mon.), 2017
We invite you to the upcoming exhibition we are holding in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Ryo Hirano’s death. He was a painter who lived a... >>View more
18 Feb, 2017
Field of Now 2017 March 1 (Wed) - March 4 (Sat), 2017
Field of Now is a special annual exhibition, which introduces the young notable artists who were elected by the art dealers of JADA (the Japanese Art... >>View more
9 Nov, 2016
ART TAIPEI 2016 November 12-15 (Sat.-Tue.)
November 11 (Fri.), 2016
-Super VIP Preview 12:00pm - 9:00pm
-VIP Preview 3:00pm - 9:00pm
-Vernissage 6:30pm - 9:00pm

[Public Opening]
-Novembe... >>View more
25 Oct, 2016
[Tokyo] Wasaburo Itozono Exhibition-the 15th Year Memorial October 15 (Sat) – October 30 (Sun), 2016
This year marks the 8th anniversary of my art gallery. I, of course, had never had a chance to meet the painter Mr. Wasaburo Itozono in person. I saw ... >>View more
23 Oct, 2016
[Fukuoka]Nami SHIBATA Solo Exhibition "Montage" October 8th, 2016 (Sat) – October 23rd, 2016 (Sun)
montage (noun)
1[MASS NOUN] The technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole.
1.1[COUN... >>View more
6 Sep, 2016
ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2016 September 10 (Sat)-11 (Sun)

Invited guests and the press only.
12:00pm – 6:00pm, September 9 (Fri)

Public Opening:
11:00am – 9:00... >>View more
10 Aug, 2016
[Fukuoka] Works on Paper – Print & Drawing Collection | August 27th, 2016 (Sat) – September 19th, 2016 (Mon)
Right: Pablo PICASSO
The Three Graces, 1922-1923
Etching, ed.87/100
46.4 x 32.4 cm (189/32 x 123/4 in.)

Left: Yasuo KAZUKI
Siberia Series (a se... >>View more
10 Jul, 2016
[Tokyo]"Gallery’s Eye Ⅱ- Contemporary Artists Selection" July 2 (Sat) – July 17 (Sun), 2016
Gallery’s Eye is the exhibition organized for you to see our sensibilities and taste as an art gallery. When we decide what to offer in our gallerie... >>View more
4 Jul, 2016
[Fukuoka]Satoru Jogasaki Solo Exhibition“Halfway through the Journey” July 9 (Sat) – July 24 (Sun), 2016
Satoru Jogasaki Solo Exhibition “Halfway through the Journey”

July 9 (Sat) – July 24 (Sun), 2016
Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm (Open every day ... >>View more
28 Apr, 2016
[Tokyo/Fukuoka]Kenpei Yunde Solo Exhibition –The Beauty on the Soil–

"Early Morning Practice" oil on canvas 89.5 x 71.6 in
"Country Road in Vietnam" Drawing 15 x 21.3 in

[Art Fair Tokyo 2016]
Thursday, May ... >>View more
9 Apr, 2016
[Tokyo]Gallery’s Eye I - Masterpiece Collection April 13 (Wed) – May 1 (Sun), 2016
We are proud to present our masterpiece collection that we have selected carefully over the years. Please enjoy the works of the great artists, from t... >>View more
9 Apr, 2016
[Fukuoka]Tamie Okuyama Solo Exhibition -Clouds & the Cloud Seeds- April 23 (Sat) – May 8 (Sun), 2016
Gallery Talk: 4:00pm on April 23rd followed by the opening party.

Tamie Okuyama is known for her paintings of the Sun, the sea, and the clouds, and... >>View more
21 Feb, 2016
[Fukuoka] Wasaburo Itozono Exhibition – the 15th Year Memorial. March 19 (Sat) – April 3 (Sun), 2016.
This year marks the 8th anniversary of my art gallery. I, of course, had never had a chance to meet the painter Wasaburo Itozono in person. I saw his ... >>View more
20 Jan, 2016
[ LA ART SHOW 2016 ] Wednesday, January 27 – Sunday, January 31, 2016 – Tamie OKUYAMA Solo Exhibition –

Wednesday, January 27
-Patron Reception 7pm – 11pm
-Opening Night Premiere Party 8pm – 11pm

General Show Dates:
Thursday... >>View more
30 Dec, 2015
[Fukuoka]NEW YEAR’S MASTERPIECES EXHIBITION January 9th (Sat) – January 24th (Sun) 2016
To celebrate the start of the new year, we invite you to our New Year’s Masterpieces Exhibition. We carefully select and display 30 works from our m... >>View more
8 Nov, 2015
[Tokyo] Shin KAMIKAWA Solo Exhibition November 28th (Sat) - December 13th (Sun), 2015.
A variety of “shapes” with a strong presence that appear in the earthy-colored landscapes… The landscape of his hometown, where he spent hi... >>View more
24 Oct, 2015
[Fukuoka]Masahito Katayama Solo Exhibition"Into the Paradise-Memento Mori" November 7 (Sat)-November23 (Mon),2015
Masahito Katayama Solo Exhibition
“Into the Paradise – Memento Mori”
November 7(Sat) – November 23 (Mon), 2015
Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm (O... >>View more
3 Oct, 2015
[ ART TAIPEI 2015 ] October 30 (Fri.)-November 2 (Mon.), 2015-Tamie OKUYAMA Solo Exhibition-

VIP Preview: Thursday, October 29th
Vernissage: Thursday, October 29th
Public Opening: Friday, October 30th
Opening Hours: 11 am... >>View more
3 Oct, 2015
[Fukuoka]Keiichi INOUE exhibition October 9 (Fri.)-October 21 (Wed.),2015
“Desire to create a good work ...sometimes I’m not sure how to live with this greedy man inside me.” ― Keiichi Inoue. Aug 2015.

We exhibit ... >>View more
1 Oct, 2015
[Tokyo]Kim myung sik exhibition in commemoration of his retirement from Dong-A University October 2 (Fri)-October 23 (Mon),2015
Myung Sik Kim Solo Exhibition
In commemoration of his retirement from Dong-A University

The international Korean artist Myung Sik Kim created the ... >>View more
4 Sep, 2015
[Tokyo]Masahito Katayama Solo Exhibition"Into the Paradise-Memento Mori"September 5 (Sat)-September23 (wed),2015

Masahito Katayama Solo Exhibition
“Into the Paradise – Memento Mori”
September 5 (Sat) – September 23 (Wed), 2015
Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm... >>View more
30 Jun, 2015
[Fukuoka]“Rei Kamoi & Yoshika Fujita” Exhibition July 4 (Sat) – July 20 (Mon), 2015
Mizoe Art Gallery would like to invite you to the upcoming exhibition “Rei Kamoi & Yoshika Fujita.” As you know, these two painters are the Yasui ... >>View more
8 May, 2015
[Tokyo]Gallery’s Eye I Masterpiece Collection, May 9 (Sat) – 31 (Sun), 2015
The 3rd Anniversary of the opening
Gallery’s Eye I - Masterpiece Collection
May 9 (Sat) – 31 (Sun), 2015
Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm

This is t... >>View more
8 May, 2015
[Fukuoka]Takeshi Wei Solo Exhibition April 25 (Sat) – May 6 (Wed), 2015
The figures tinged with sorrow which comes out of the artist’s imagination. The still life paintings full of tranquility and vitality. Very imaginat... >>View more
8 May, 2015
[Tokyo]Wind and Thunder Gods’ Miracle Efficacious, Abstract Mitsuko Tabe Solo Exhibition April 11(Sat)-26(Sun), 2015
Mitsuko Tabe has been creating her artwork on the theme of Azuchi-momoyama since 1990s and continued her solo exhibition in the United States and Fran... >>View more
18 Feb, 2015
14 Feb, 2015
[Tokyo]takeshi wei exhibition 14sat.-29sun.,Mar.,2015
29 Dec, 2014
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Patron Reception 7pm - 11pm
Opening Night Premiere Party 8pm - 11pm

Thursday, January 15, 2015 11am - 7pm
Friday,... >>View more
29 Dec, 2014
[Fukuoka] Masterpieces Exhibition 10(sat)-25(sun),Jan.,2015
22 Nov, 2014
[Fukuoka]Satoru Minami Exhibition 22[sat],Nov.,-7[sun],Dec.,2014
About Satoru Minami Exhibition
I announced his powerful work which I confronted nature by the private exhibition mainly on the masterpiece in the ... >>View more
22 Nov, 2014
[Tokyo]Kikuma Mochizuki"Garden of time"from November 15[SAT]-30[SUN]
Kikuma Mochizuki "Garden of time" from November 15(SAT)~30(SUN)
Sculptor, Kikuma Mochizuki who dealt with the many public works more than 100 plac... >>View more
20 Oct, 2014
[Tokyo]- My awkwarded universality -Kenpei YUNDE Exhibition ~Happiness of there being soil and water and air~ 4/sat,Oct.,-19/sun,Oct.,2014
Kenpei Yunde

“When I draw a picture, at first I draw it from soil. Under the clear water, should there be the earth under the silvery-snow by all... >>View more
20 Oct, 2014
[Fukuoka]Tetsuya TAURA Exhibition “the person who I stare, and is stared” 11/sat,Oct.,-26/sun,Oct.,2014
Power to watch “Now”

He faces the times “Now”. Tetsuya Taura is a single-minded painter
With a paint-brush, he asks about the present a... >>View more
10 Sep, 2014
[tokyo]Takahide Komatsu Exhibition - MIZU - 13[sat]-23[tues]Sept.2014
Takahide Komatsu

1979 Born in Miyazaki, Japan
2000 Graduated from Artist Course, Kyusyu Designer Gakuin

Solo Exhibitions
2003 Miyazaki P... >>View more
9 Aug, 2014
[Fukuoka]the Shin Kamikawa:exhibition KATACHI 20[wed.]Aug.-2[Tues.]Sept.2014
We present that "the Shin Kamikawa:exhibition KATACHI". He is one of the most attracting artists now. The human gentleness of the painter becomes the ... >>View more
1 Jun, 2014
[Tokyo]Gallery's Eye,Master-piece collection 10[sat]May-1[sun]June.2014
Ryuzaburo Umehara
Morikazu Kumagai
Kazumasa Nakagawa
Toshiyuki Hasegawa
Yoshisaburo Kojima
Gentarou Koito
Noriyuki ... >>View more
28 May, 2014
[Fukuoka]Satoru JYOGASAKI Exhibition 24(sat)May-8(sun)June,2014


10 May, 2014
[ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW,Hong Kong 2014] Exhibition in Conrad Hong Kong (Room No.4418T)

About Yoshio Yoshimura

As you can say in just one word, the “tracing” is the concept of his work.
It is not the Fine-arts trend as “Super-... >>View more
19 Apr, 2014
[Tokyo]Tamie OKUYAMA Exhibition - cloud -
19 Apr, 2014
[Fukuoka]- My awkwarded universality -Kenpei YUNDE Exhibition 26/sat,Apr.,-11/sun,May.,2014
4 Mar, 2014
[ART FAIR TOKYO 2014]Tamie OKUYAMA Exhibition in ART FAIR TOKYO 2014  7[fri]-9[sun],Mar.,2014
4 Mar, 2014
[Fukuoka]Katsuto NAKAMURA Exhibition 15(sat)-30(sun),Mar.,2014
4 Mar, 2014
[Tokyo]Tomonori TOYOFUKU Exhibition 15[sat]-30[sun],Mar.,2014
14 Jan, 2014
[Fukuoka]New Yerar's Masterpieces Exhibition 10(fri) - 26(sun),Jan,2014
14 Dec, 2013
[Tokyo] Zenzaburo KOJIMA Exhibition 30(sat),November - 25(wed),December,2013
14 Dec, 2013
[Fukuoka] Christmas Art Fair 13(fri) - 26,December,2013
We have discount sale in Fukuoka gallery.
Please check our gallery and website.
1 Nov, 2013
[Fukuoka] Yoko MITSUYUKI Exhibition 1st(Fri) - 17(Sun), November, 2013
22 Oct, 2013
[Tokyo] Takayoshi SAKURAI Exhibition 19(sat), October - 4th(mon), November, 2013
Takayoshi SAKURAI lives under the Mt. FUJI. He knows and loves Mt. FUJI more than anyone else.
He draws its face which changes every seconds all year... >>View more
3 Oct, 2013
[Fukuoka] Tamie OKUYAMA Exhibition 12(sat) - 27(sun), October, 2013
Open hours: 10:00 - 19:00 Everyday open

Opening talk : 15:00 12(sat), October
Opening Party : 16:00 12(sat), ... >>View more
3 Oct, 2013
Kobe Art Marche 2013 6th - 4th October
We exhibit in Kobe Art Marche, hotel art fair held at Kobe.
We habe Takeshi WEI Exhibition, artist form Fukuoka.
Please come to our booth!

Locati... >>View more
13 Dec, 2012
English site open!
We have opened our english site. If you use english browser, english site open automatically.
The 5th anniversary of the opening: PICASSO, his Work and Life. Yasunobu TSUTSUMI Solo Exhibition
Popular artists
New Arrival

>>  View more

Takahide KOMATSU Insects Dancing at Night Takahide KOMATSU 

Insects Dancing at Night

Toshiyuki HASEGAWA Three People Toshiyuki HASEGAWA 

Three People

Moïse KISLING Kiki de Montparnasse Moïse KISLING 

Kiki de Montparnasse

Kenpei YUNDE Strong Maccha Green Tea Kenpei YUNDE 

Strong Maccha Green Tea

Tamie OKUYAMA The Birth Tamie OKUYAMA 

The Birth

Kikuma MOCHIZUKI Garden of Time Kikuma MOCHIZUKI 

Garden of Time


>>  View more

Yoshika FUJITA Flower Yoshika FUJITA 


Kazu WAKITA Beans Kazu WAKITA 


Tsuguharu FUJITA Fish Market Tsuguharu FUJITA 

Fish Market

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